Saturday, March 21, 2020

Crucial Time

Happy Spring!! It is here. The start of new life, Nature is awakening in the northern hemisphere. There are an abundance of birds arriving from migration and enjoying
the seeds.

I am able to witness this event more due to being laid-off. The world is in a crucial time and things are so uncertain. It is overwhelming and scary. It is something most of us have never experienced and reading/watching the news can be informational but also intimidating. I have tried to disconnect from the daily numbers and what we "should" do.

Yesterday I went outside after it rained and just listened. The birds were so interactive and busy with their lives. The buds on the trees are starting to grow and in some places the grass is turning green. Being able to connect with Nature is healing.

Take time to admire Nature, go outside, open a window and listen, observe and breath.

Take care and stay positive!


Thursday, March 5, 2020

A Walk Outside

Happy Friday eve!! What beautiful weather we have been having here in Maine. It is time to walk more and reconnect with Nature. This past Winter was mild but life around me was not. 
My connection to Nature is freeing and allows my creativity to flow more "naturally". There are many projects in my studio and each one deserves the best. Especially the pet portraits, which require more attention from the heart.
Taking care of yourself should be on top of everyone's list. I have learned through many struggles to be more aware of what my mind, body and spirit need. All three are essential to create art, if one is weak, the rest will follow. 
Spring is almost here, time for Nature to bloom, time to take it all in. One walk at a time.

 Take care of you...
Stay creative and watch the natural world around you.


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Crow Family

Happy weekend! Beautiful weather today, near 50F.

Yesterday three Crows flew over and they landed in the backyard. They spotted an
area under the pines where the snow melted. I would imagine seeds and other treats 

were waiting for them. They walked around casually without a care in the world. Just picking up the goodies and tossing what wasn't. The crunchy snow seemed to be amusing too.

It was a brief visit but the making of a wonderful memory. Crows are one of my 
favorite birds. They have a very close family structure and are extremely smart.

I created a painting of a Crow lighting a candle. The image just popped in my head. Why can't a Crow light a candle? 

Have a great day!
Stay creative and watch the natural world around you!!


Crow and Candle - Acrylic on paper

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Why Nature?

Happy Tuesday!

It's been a quiet morning, got my third cup of coffee and it starting to snow. Perfect!

So, why Nature? I love Nature. The natural world has always inspired me artistically. The simplicity and truth of Nature inspires me the most. There are no masks. The natural world doesn't pretend to be what "You" want, it is real, it can be unkind and at the same time beautiful. There is a pattern that the natural world follows, without humans.

I have been humbled by being able to recreate Nature as how I see it. Through the years, being able to spend more time in Nature has increased my love thus a stronger connection from my heart to the canvas. 

I started painting on real Maine Birch bark from natural fallen trees back in 2006. This journey includes the bark as a unique piece of natural canvas that works so well with the acrylic paint. The native Maine subjects I create seem to jump off the bark and invite you to the forest.

So everyone has something that inspires them. What is your inspiration?

Stay creative and watch the natural world around you!


Pileated Birch Art Paiting
Cardinal Pair Birch Art Painting

Wolf Birch Art Painting
Black-capped Chickadee

Moose Birch Art Painting
Hare Birch Art Painting

Monarch Butterfly Birch Art Painting

Chipmunk Birch Art Painting

Fawn Birch Art Painting

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Big Cats

How do you describe being an artist? Creating art is using every cell in your body. You create what you see, your heart feels what the paint is creating and the rest of you follows along. It's sometimes not being able to paint a subject because of your heart. SO very difficult to describe.
I recently started a project of using black and white acrylic paint. The eyes of my subjects would be full color to capture the soul. And I would, as I usually do, paint the eyes last.

The subjects I chose are Wild cats, four large cats that inspire, intimidate and impact the world around them. The first Wild Cat I did was the majestic male Lion. The king of Africa. He rules the land. But yet his eyes seem peaceful and full of wonder.

While painting the first cat of the series, a true feeling of calm came over me. Only needing to worry about shadows and light gave me the opportunity to feel each hair I created and the depth of his fur. The light reflecting off his fur was soft but the shadows were deep and gave me the feeling there are secrets this Lion holds.

These paintings will be all on gallery canvas, so they will not be framed. I want no boundaries for these wonderful beasts.

I hope you enjoy the photos I have attached. The King is now on my easel in the corner of my studio.

Stay creative and watch the natural world around you!!


A New Chapter

The time has arrived that I wanted to share my new project of creation. The lack of confidence has been shutting the door for some time now and I finally found a "door stop" that I hope will keep that path open.
My life has been filled with art. There have been numerous types of mediums I have worked with, but the acrylic paint and I have made a great team for most of my artist career.
This blog is to bring that teamwork of creation to others. I may not be the greatest storyteller but I will do my best.

Thank you for joining me!!
Stay creative and watch the natural world around you!!