Saturday, March 21, 2020

Crucial Time

Happy Spring!! It is here. The start of new life, Nature is awakening in the northern hemisphere. There are an abundance of birds arriving from migration and enjoying
the seeds.

I am able to witness this event more due to being laid-off. The world is in a crucial time and things are so uncertain. It is overwhelming and scary. It is something most of us have never experienced and reading/watching the news can be informational but also intimidating. I have tried to disconnect from the daily numbers and what we "should" do.

Yesterday I went outside after it rained and just listened. The birds were so interactive and busy with their lives. The buds on the trees are starting to grow and in some places the grass is turning green. Being able to connect with Nature is healing.

Take time to admire Nature, go outside, open a window and listen, observe and breath.

Take care and stay positive!


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