Monday, May 11, 2020

So many birds!

The variety of weather has definitely made this Spring an interesting event! There have been so many birds arriving and enjoying the warmer temperature and then this week...snow! At least we didn't get what northern Maine received. But it was windy and cold, so the Spring birds had some adjusting to do. We made sure the feeders were all filled and ready.

It did give me a great opportunity to get a lot of photos for my paintings, but I felt bad they had to endure such an awful day. The sun came out later in the afternoon but the wind was still unpleasant.

Today has made up for the late snow storm, the temperature is over 60 and the wind is quiet. Soon the hummingbirds will be here!

Stay safe and well! Remember to look for the natural world around you...

Take care,

This poor Baltimore Oriole is trying to eat his Grape jelly.

There is a Turkey behind the snowflakes!


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