Saturday, May 2, 2020

Spring is finally here....

It is May 2, and it finally feels like Spring has begun. We have had snow and temperatures well below the normal. But, that's Ok, the natural world has a plan and all we can do is wait patiently. During this uncertain time it's a perfect opportunity to connect with Nature and appreciate the little wonders.

I was able to have my morning coffee outside for the first time this year. The sun was warm and the birds were singing in agreement that this was a perfect start to the day. Coffee does taste so much better outside...

My plan for today is to start my new mini-sketchbook. I just got it and I am looking forward to taking a pencil and sketch the little blossoms or leaves coming to life. Walking everyday around the yard gives me the opportunity to see so many trees wake up. It's a beautiful time of year!

Hope you are all well, stay safe and look for Nature around you.

Take care,

The first sketch of many in my new sketchbook!
My subject...

A little color this morning.

Nature is so beautiful.

Look at that blue sky!

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