Sunday, May 17, 2020

Wolves and Endangered Species Day


I just realized that I missed Endangered Species Day, which was May 15. A very important day to recognize and learn about the importance of all species that are vital to our world.  Even animals that we may never see belong to the balance of the natural world. Some are in danger because of man's footsteps, others may be because of nature's choice. But whatever the reason, the ecological balance includes us and supporting projects near or far makes a huge difference.

I was so fortunate to spend time with Wolves and get to know their habits, personalities and their part in the wild. They are a key essential for balance, especially being a top predator. I'm sure many have heard about the impact with the reintroduction to Yellowstone. There were many species of birds, mammals and plant life that had flourished because the Wolf came back. The Wolf is an incredible animal and one of many that are in need of human support. There is a reason why they are here and losing that balance affects all of us. 

It is always a good time to learn more and become involved, even planting a tree makes a difference or picking up trash. Any involvement makes a difference, no matter how small.

There is also donating or getting involved on a larger scale, World Land Trust is making a difference with so many areas across the world to help wildlife and the surrounding natural habitats. 
To learn more go to:

Stay safe and well! Remember to look for the natural world around you...and support!

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