Thursday, December 17, 2020

2020 is nearly over...


Where did this year go? Even though I am relieved that this year is almost complete, I never want to rush time. Every single day has meaning whether it is good or bad. There was a lot of heartache but also many wonderful moments. 

This year has been a very unusual journey. But I think it made me stronger and even more appreciative of what I have around me. 

As an artist, I have had a greater opportunity being home, to grow and take a closer look at the Natural world. One of my favorite activities is feeding the birds. There is a lot of joy in watching the interaction between them. The fight for survival or for the last seed is complex and they do have their own language. And they are are all beautiful and amazingly detailed.

Being able to observe Nature up close has also been felt in my art. I feel my need to slow down and really dive into the detail of each brush stroke. There is a feeling of connection when you can see your subject up close. 

The plan or hope is to be more active with this blog for 2021. I have so many projects planned. 

The photos are a few of the paintings I completed this year. 

I hope you and yours have a very Happy Holiday ... stay well, stay safe and stay positive!

And remember to always look for the natural world around you...