Saturday, March 27, 2021

Magical Sky

Happy weekend!

We had our first thunderstorm of the season and it wasn't a huge storm, but the sky was so magical when it was over. 

I love the sky for everything it offers. The Moon, the clouds, the stars and of course the occasional rainbow. Looking up is a connection to a world we are unable to touch but a world that offers an abundance of wonder. Every day there is a reason to admire the sky, where ever you may be.

I never risk going outside while a storm is in full force. The storm brought heavy rain and the sun appeared half way...I knew a rainbow was going to happen. And it did... I missed the photo moment. But after the storm, I went outside immediately and took many photos. Good thing I put new batteries in my camera!! The sun was preparing to set and the reflection of light was amazing. And, the rainbow appeared again! How lucky was I!? I'm not even sure if that ever happens...

A perfect, magical moment was camera, breathtaking sky, the Moon and the wind still blowing. 

Hope you are well! Thank you for stopping by...

Stay well, stay safe and stay positive!

And remember to always look for the natural world around you...


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