Thursday, March 18, 2021

Recent Art

 Hi there!!

I have been very busy with my candle company, Happy Crow Candles, which includes my paintings. Recently I have created three more Animal Totem candles, butterfly, ladybug and hummingbird. I either use previous paintings or in this case, created two new paintings.

My subjects are from my photography, which is wonderful or I use an art reference site that lets you buy the images. Then I create an 8"x10" painting that can also go on to Fine Art America, a site for artist and photographers. This site also lets you sell your art/photography on apparel, mugs, etc. Very cool!!

The fragrances I use have to relate to the totem, example: Hummingbird - Flower Garden. It is a great connection for me to make a candle that combines the magic of animals. The power of scent is strong and helps us in so many ways.

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Stay well, stay safe and stay positive!

And remember to always look for the natural world around you...


Ladybug Acrylic Painting

Monarch Butterly Acrylic Painting

Wolf Totem Soy Candle

Owl Totem Soy Candle

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