Thursday, March 18, 2021



Let me start by saying "Where did Winter go?". There were a couple storms this past season, nothing to put in the history books. We did have a few weeks with cold temperatures and the beautiful snow decorated the ground. But it seemed to be gone as fast as it got here. I am not complaining... I guess I just wanted more days to wear my big heavy sweaters.

So Spring is this weekend and the birds are surely acting like it. There are the calls from the male birds and plenty of chasing goin on. The Spring birds are starting to arrive including the Turkey Vultures. 

I have an outdoor camera to catch awesome photos of the birds and any wildlife that comes around to visit. The photos I have gotten will make perfect references for future paintings. I have no shortage of Blue Jay or Chickadee photos.

We did have a larger visitor a few nights ago(camera date is wrong on photos :)). There were 2 or more Raccoons finishing up any bird seed left over. The photos are black and white but the raccoons were adorable!

Happy Spring to you and yours (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere)!!

Thank you for stopping by...

Stay well, stay safe and stay positive!

And remember to always look for the natural world around you...


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